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Visit New Smyrna Beach Florida!

The beaches of New Smyrna are a glorious seventeen miles of white sand that welcomes surfers, sunbathers, and wanders alike. While that’s all well and good, as an Orlando local the thing I like best is the casual laid back atmosphere and the ability to drive on to the sand! It’s just an hour outside the big city but typically not as crowded as Daytona Beach. And don’t forget I said you can drive on the beach! This is not typical. This means you can easily set up for the day right by your car. This also means you will bring home more sand than you even intended but worth it! Especially if you have small children or any mobility issues. 

This east coast beach town is a wonderful way to experience the Atlantic Ocean. You can visit the Smyrna Dunes Park, located on the shores of Ponce Inlet, or the New Smyrna Museum of History open most Tuesday-Saturdays 10-4. Experience the Canal Street Historic District which was established in 1768! Making this sweet town one of the oldest in Florida. 

New Smyrna features local music and easy going restaurants, fun local shopping, and more. While you could absolutely stay in a private condo, or a boutique hotel, staying in a train made into a home has got to be the most fun! 

TrainHouse in New Smyrna Beach is a house built from two original rail cars. Passenger rail cars from 1892! The unique details of this house in a train can not be missed! The owner has put up original notes in frames to add to the visual richness of history you can see in every corner of this residence. Tucked into a quiet neighborhood it offers the luxury of peace and quiet that you simply never find even in luxury hotels. There is a private porch with shower and firepit with grill. It’s quite the treat! 

Come visit the Atlantic Ocean, try surfing, drive onto the beautiful white sand, wear your sunscreen and don’t miss the Train House! 

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