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10 Beach Tips for this Summer!

I'll confess, I live less than twenty minutes from the beach but pretty much never go. Mostly because I'm paler than an albino but also because sand is my arch enemy but every single person I know, and every single visitor to my house, wants to go have a beach day. To that end I've come up with some survival tips for pale white girls who hate sand.

  1. You are going to want snacks. Nuts, chips, jerky, a pub sub, are all easy to grab and go. The key is to key your fingers dry and sand free. However, anything you bring, you take home with you.

  2. Use a bedsheet as a blanket, the bottom sheet with the elastic. Instead of using stakes put your items in the corners to keep the sheet from blowing off.

  3. Sunscreen in a spray bottle and another in a bottle to apply to your face. Be sure to spray the top of your head and the tops of your feet. I see people frequently who remembered everywhere else.

  4. Baby power really does work for getting sand off. I put it in an old sock and pat it up and down my legs.

  5. Dollar tree pop up laundry baskets are mesh and can carry sandy toys! They store easily and you can give it a shake to let the sand flow out.

  6. Reapply your sunscreen every two hours. It's a drag, I know, do it anyway. I use a timer on my phone but whatever it takes.

  7. Hats and sunglasses are a must. However, do take a moment to go without both as you get the best absorption of melatonin via your unprotected eyes. I sunburn less when I go without my sunglasses for as long as possible. As a fair woman with light eyes this is not usually longer than an hour. It also makes for a better night's sleep! Sun helps your body rhythms regulate.

  8. Utilize the carwashes that are literally everywhere and plan to rinse off and vacuum before going home. This has been a game changer for me. I no longer drag half the beach back to the house and that makes me far more willing to go to the beach.

  9. Drink an electrolyte drink. You're going to be sweating more than you realize and will need to balance your electrolytes otherwise you'll be more likely to get restless legs or other normal misery. Pinterest is filled with fun recipes for electrolyte drinks if you're not the type to just grab it off the shelf.

  10. Put your car keys on a lanyard or carbineer and use it. I can't tell you how many stories I've heard of people losing their keys on the beach yet for all the times I've been I've never found keys. I do find trash and hair clips. I don't mess around with car keys though, I wear them on my lanyard. I also have a spare set in a hidden magnet mount.

Bonus: Hair Claws are super useful for more than just getting your hair out of your face! clip your towels, clip your keys to your bag, clips up your skirt...

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